Retirement Mortgages

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The Retirement Mortgage offers a safe way of tapping into the wealth tied up in your home to spend as you wish, so long as any existing mortgage is settled from the money taken. 

If you are considering enjoying the benefits of raising money from your home, we can compare your options from all providers whilst also ensuring you secure the best possible plan. 

Mortgages for retired people provide greater flexibility than traditional mortgages offer, since they are designed for the over 55s and into your retirement years. 

The interest can still be repaid to maintain control of the amount owing and to preserve equity for an inheritance or downsizing, for example. 

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Qualifying For A Retirement Mortgage UK

Obtaining a mortgage in retirement is not as complex as most people believe. In fact, getting a mortgage in retirement is straightforward with Compare My Equity as we search the best retirement mortgages in the UK for you. 

Interest Rates on retirement mortgages are mainly on a fixed basis, and many lenders offer lifetime mortgages with fixed interest rates for life for long-term stability. 

Retirement Mortgage interest rates are at record-low levels starting under 3% which has enabled many over 55s to enjoy the equity in their homes to utilise as required. 

Mortgages at retirement age can be used to gift an early inheritance, for home improvements or to supplement income into the retirement years. 

The money is tax-free making it an efficient method of raising funds.  We search the entire marketplace and provide you with detailed quotes and guides to enable you to make the right decis

Retirement Equity Release

Mortgages past retirement age in the UK allow equity (the cash in your home) to be enjoyed as you wish. If you are over 55 and a homeowner then you are likely to be eligible 

Increasingly the over 55s are using Retirement Mortgages to access their equity to gift an early inheritance to family members and for estate planning

Compare My Equity provide an independent market search of your options to ensure you have access to the complete range of retirement mortgage services.

Using the equity in your home can provide many benefits to really enjoy the cash by arranging a retirement mortgage.

Mortgages For Retired Persons

Mortgages for retirees UK are becoming increasingly popular thanks to the innovation from lending providers offering more flexible terms with competitive interest rates.  

The mortgages are becoming an important tool in retirement planning to provide a source of income and capital thanks to the growth in property prices over the past 50 years. 

Compare My Equity provide a search and quotation service to provide you with access to all the information you need to make an informed choice on your best retirement mortgages. Request a quote and a qualified expert will be in touch.